My Resolve Herpes Review

Resolve Herpes Cleanse/Detox Overview

Price: $350 ($300 for the cleanse, $25 for shipping, $25 for import duty in Canada)     Shipping Time: a little over 2 weeks   Effectiveness: while I can’t say I am herpes free yet, I have been having unprotected sex for 18 months without transmitting the virus to my fiancee. And I will do the cleanse/detox again in the future with some modifications, now that I know more.

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This page is just the review of the cleanse itself.  Please read my full herpes story for insights about herpes.

I have had herpes for a little over 11 years.  About 18 months ago (Nov 2013 as I write this) I heard about the Resolve Herpes viral cleanse.  At first I was skeptical – all my life I’d been told herpes (like genital warts, hepatitis, etc…) was incurable, which meant this must be a scam. And the internet reviews certainly weren’t positive.  So I put it off, even though it came highly recommended.

What turned the tide was that the girl I was (and still am) with is negative, and we wanted to start a family yet keep her negative, as there can be complications for the baby.  So I decided to try it out.  What was the worst that could happen?  $300 down the drain and I remained infected?  What that really meant was just $300 down the drain. And if nothing else, I could say I left no stone unturned.  So I took the plunge…

I started the Resolve Herpes Cleanse

Resolve Herpes Cleanse

Here is the complete cleanse as it comes from Resolve Herpes. It is missing the booklet though.

I started the Resolve herpes cleanse on March 13, 2012.  The package arrived in the mail with three roughly pint sized plastic bottles, a small dropper of homeopathic drops, a milliliter measuring cup and a booklet.  The plastic bottles had about a centimeter (half an inch) of clumpy white crystals on the bottom. Those turned out to be the salts (minerals as they call them – which is not incorrect).  I was little underwhelmed; I don’t know what I expected, but whatever it was, it was “more.”  Something a little more high tech perhaps. I filled the bottles with hot water as per the instructions and started the next morning.

The first few days were easy enough, I took the cleanse 3 times a day, though I was taking it at the wrong time.  The cleanse should be taken with food, and I was taking it every 8 hours (to evenly space out the time) regardless of whether I’d eaten or not.  I read the directions again (but still not fully, as it turned out) about a week in and cleared that up.  About the 5th day I developed a headache like I’d never had before, and it lasted 2 days, before I realized I was dehydrated.  As this is a fairly briny mixture you’ll want to make sure you stay hydrated.  I started drinking more water and it went away. About a day after that I started coughing up mucus like I never had before.  All my life I’ve been kind of a phlegmy guy, and this was like nothing I’d seen before.  The color and consistency were different, and it was coming from deep in my lungs.  Not totally unexpected, as the company has different sites but sells this as a general viral detox, so it is for shingles, warts, etc… and so presumably will clear latent influenza virus as well.  At least that’s how I took it – a positive sign of progress.  I’d had trouble getting full breaths all my life, and this was helping.

I showed only one other clearing symptom as mentioned on the package – a moderate acne break out for about a week and a half. That was about it.  The hacking up of the phlegm progressed into a cough, but that was because the mucous changed – from very soft and a deep green color to clear chartreuse (there are certain soft plastic fishing baits this color, if you fish) that was tough.  Almost rubbery.  Again, not like anything I’d seen before.  And it was constantly tickling my throat and making me cough.

When you start the cleanse you take 4ml of the salt mixture 3 times a day, and progressively increase the dosage until the final 2 weeks or so when you take 20ml of the mixture 3 times a day.  This part of the cleanse lasts 35 days – 5 weeks.  Once I had reached 35 days I realized there was more mixture left, so I decided to just finish the mixture at 20ml per dose.  I was on it for an extra 3 days.

Then there is a 1 day break, and you start the homeopathic drops.  The drops were different from any homeopathic drops I’d ever taken. They seemed stronger.  My mouth would water when they were under my tongue and I would really have to fight the urge to swallow.  Kind of like when you have an itch you really want to scratch but can’t, and it gives you a bit of nervous tick.  Something like that.

These are supposed to last for 2 weeks, but again, there was more left than what the cleanse called for, so I finished this bottle too.  All in all, the cleanse took me 61 days, 11 days longer than outlined.

Anyway, about the middle of May 2012 I finished it.

I finished the cleanse  – but had herpes really left my body?

Resolve Herpes has a blurb on the site that says you should “wait until you know herpes has left your body” instead of going to a doctor…well, to that I would say it very tough to know what is caused by herpes and what is caused by damaged cells that have been cleared of herpes.  A lot of the secondary symptoms associated with herpes – the change of the skin texture and “feel,” the odor of the affected area, the color of the affected area, etc…aren’t necessarily indicative of an active virus.  Those cells were infected, and have acquired foreign DNA (well, RNA technically) and hence show different characteristics than calls than have never experienced the herpes virus.

There were some encouraging signs;

1. My foreskin was soft, elastic and closed over the head of my penis again.  A herpes foreskin won’t close over the head of the penis, and when retracted will pinch the penis shaft, like it’s not wide enough.  Though that effect does lessen over time.

2. The colour went back to a soft pink.  It was much more inflamed, darker coloured, and angry looking before.

3. The area of the penis that the foreskin covered wasn’t as sticky anymore.  Years ago, I remember being amazed touching my finger to the area just below the head of my penis when my foreskin was retracted – it was sticky.  Not like glue, but stickier than I would have thought.  It wasn’t totally gone now, but maybe 20% of the original strength.

Given these encouraging observations, my girlfriend and I decided to have unprotected sex.

Unbelievably, She Has Stayed Negative to this Day

I know that may seem crazy, but it is true. As with most things there are some small changes I took that made this possible. Specifically, I put 1 drop of solution on each side of my penis head on the inside of the foreskin.  My thinking was that a) as the penis doesn’t get that much circulation it would probably be best to make sure some full does cleanse gets there, as b) your skin absorbs everything it comes into contact with.  Seriously – you’ll get more pollutants through your skin in the shower in 10 minutes than drinking that same water all day.  So as that was the area I most wanted cured, and seemed least likely to actually get a significant amount of the cure, I decided to improvise a bit.  There is enough to do this if you fill the bottles right to the top.

Don’t underestimate this step either – I still use the drops a couple times a week (using 4-6 drops a week means it lasts forever) and that is exactly the reason why I think my fiancee is negative.  Once the drops go on my penis both looks and feels healthier…it’s like the skin gets softer and whiter. I may need a lifetime supply, but whatever, it’s worth it.

The only thing I’ll say about this is if you are circumsized just rub some on the shaft, and if you are a girl i think a bit more will be needed –  maybe 7 drops or so – on your vagina.  I’m not sure about actually in it, but maybe.  And if some of you want to test it out and get back to me…much appreciated.

Ok, back to story…

The only lingering effect of the Resolve Herpes Cleanse was that afterwards I still had the cough and rubbery phlegm. It wasn’t constant, but once a day or so I’d have this cough that wouldn’t end until I got the phlegm out.  It was so durable I’d end up playing with it for a bit in morbid fascination.  The strength and  transparency were just so different…

While I knew enough to take the cleanse fully and not stop it (once you start DO NOT STOP) I again didn’t read the part that said to get a booster cleanse if symptoms persist for 6 weeks or more after finishing it.  I had that cough for probably 4 months after the cleanse ended, though its severity went down over time.  Tough to say when it really ended…I just noticed it was gone one day.

Things were going fine until December 2nd 2012.  I picked up some hashish (a form of marijuana) from a friend for a friend, and decided to sample the goods.  It was potent.  As I went to bed that night and felt the “ache,” a dull sensation that occurred on the site of an outbreak a day or so before it actually happened.  I was confused….I thought I had cleared herpes out of my system…so maybe I was just high.  The next morning proved that notion wrong.  The redness was present, and it was time to go into full outbreak prevention mode.  It was a bad one.

While disappointed that I had an outbreak there were some positives to take.  The big one was that this outbreak happened near the base of my penis on the right side, whereas before the site was almost always just under the head on the right (much closer to the head than this one).  To me, this meant that while I still clearly had herpes there were parts of my body that had cleared it.  It seems that clearing it from the genitals is one thing, while clearing it from the ganglia is another.

The Resolve Herpes Booster Cleanse

The Resolve Herpes Booster Cleanse plus Bushlore Immune Detox

I then got the booster detox and took it as prescribed, again finishing the doses (though in this case you are supposed to). I did have another outbreak in August 2013 on my perineum, which was the first time I’d had an outbreak not on my penis.  While frustrating, there are still positives to take, the virus is weakening in strength or numbers, as it is slowly being beaten back to the point for origin.


The Resolve Herpes Cleanse is effective, but will it will depend on several factors – your lifestyle, how long you have had herpes, and your attitude.  Please read my story for why those latter points are factors. It is not a for sure sure cure for everyone – but what is?  Even Percocets don’t cure every headache.  There are too many factors when dealing with medicine to say that every cure/drug will work for everyone. So when I read those negative reviews online I think it’s more a product of unrealistic expectations rather than a faulty product.  Or an unwillingness to change other areas of people’s lives that would help their body heal. And I have achieved my aim.  I have had unprotected sex for 18 months at this point and my fiancee is still negative (and so is the baby).  Keep in mind this wasn’t for pleasure – we wanted a baby, and she is allergic to every condom we tried.  We just made a decision that we loved each other, and would stay together no matter what. The thought that chronic bladder infections are no worse than occasional outbreaks is what tipped the scales.  But she has not contracted it. That in itself is a minor miracle as I have HSV II and it is nasty. As I have had 2 outbreaks since completing the plan I will probably do another course of the full cleanse in later 2013 or early 2014, because for me the virus took a while to become entrenched, and hence will take some time to be cleared.

If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to answer them – though be advised they will be my opinion only.

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  1. just a note, weed is too acidic, try to make your lifestyle & diet as alkaline as possible, this will also keep eruptions from occurring. I believe in the resolve program and hope to be able to purchase it again in the future as I took it once, didn’t have the money for the booster and i also went out of town and accidentally left if behind while doing the regimen and I think that strongly contributed in it not fully purging it out of my system. Also, there are holistic doctors out there like Dr. Sebi who are truly curing people of this condition. Thanks for sharing your experience, I know you will be free of this as I believe I will too one day. I have NEVER passed this to any past partners and have been extremely careful. I’ve gone as long as a year without symptoms and then if i drink soda or smoke too much or get stressed it happens… I’ve stopped the ‘herbal indulgence’ lol, and I have stopped drinking soda, coffee and hope to also stop granulated sugar in the diet too. also look into a candida cleanse as purging yeast from the system will also help in maintaining an oxygen friendly environment. many blessings 🙂

  2. While I do think there are many lifestyle choices that can help, the biggest factor in my opinion is your mindset/feelings about having herpes, and if it can be cured. Drugs/sugar/stress etc… certainly bring you down, but as the saying goes, once your attitude is right the facts don’t count.

    Thanks for the comment, and good luck to you too.

  3. Whats going on? Thanks for the inspiring story. Sometimes it hard to tell if a story is real, or fake these days, but to see that you didn’t get rid of it, along with the actual affects makes it believable. I have a herbalist and he told me to take these herbs until they were all gone, and just as you’ve stated that it depends on your lifestyle. The curing effects that you were having around your penis was is the same with mine, so i know something has to be working somewhere. I wanted to share with you the diet he gave me and why. NO MEAT, NO SUGAR, and NO DAIRY… It has been 42 days and I’m still taking the pills ( not finished with the bottles). I had an outbreak once in the beginning and once recently. The diet amongst the herbs or minerals for you sake will be one of the most important keys. It allows your body to purify your self from all of the chemicals, additives in food etc. and flush out the virus. No beer, liquor, meat( of any kind) including seafood, sweets instead of natural (fruits, nuts and berry) It has been very hard to follow the diet, especially in the first two weeks, but from then it gets easier. You’ll see your skin clear up all over amongst other benefits. If there are any other progress let me know or if you want to comment back, that would be greatly appreciated to

    • It didn’t work initially no, but that doesn’t mean it there hasn’t been any improvement. That fact I haven’t transmitted it is a big step forward, as I know I did from shedding in the past. So i don’t think it’s as cut-and-dried as you either have it or don’t…there’s a grey area where you have it and are contagious, or have it and aren’t contagious, or don’t have it. I haven’t given up on this method as 1) it’s supplemental to Dr. Lala’s approach to healing the body (I’ll post my findings soon) and 2) there’s a way to turbo charge it (which i didn’t do before). That said, I do agree with you doing whatever you can to help yourself. I think getting rid of emotional stress is the biggest key, but aside from that a heavy metal cleanse, Dr McComb’s LifeForce candida cleanse (it’s a big one), the be Pure Cleanse all help, as well as diet. While I definitely agree with you about sugar, i don’t about meat or dairy – but only if it’s free range meat and raw dairy. If it’s traditional stuff then yes, less is better, though I still don’t know about cutting it out completely.

      Anyway, yes this is real. While I think it’s worthwhile, it isn’t the magic bullet many may have thought, and extra support for your system might (and probably will) be needed. The only thing that works like that is pharma drugs…and all they do is wallpaper over what’s really happening. Anyway, fell free to comment back. Thanks!

  4. I too tried resolveherpes in 2012. I used to get cold sores around my mouth, but I never had herpes on my genitals. My cold sores havent been back since trying the cleanse in 2012. So either this stuff works, or I have yet to still have an outbreak. My money right now is not on the latter, because I used to have outbreaks twice a year.

    Of course I cant vouch if it works on genital herpes, but on cold sores it seems to work (at least in my experience).

    Life is short, sometimes you have to make a gamble and part with $300. I think in my case that gamble paid off

    • Thanks Johnny…that’s exactly my point. Everything else you keep taking over and over trying to suppress it…this you take once (or twice) and then you’re done.

  5. Thanks for the review. I am on day 13 of this product and have break outs on my head, chest, back, penis, and one even behind my ear. It is definitely doing something. I am taking it with food 3 times a day.

    • Best of luck. Pls make sure to take a clearing product as well – either the 1 minute cure or miracle mineral solution. I have come to realize just how important they are for clearing the blood out of the flood of virus that results from this cleanse.

  6. Hey Daman, posting an update for you. The breakouts I mentioned before started declining towards the end of Step 1. I am now on Step 2, day 6 which is the H drops. Only minimal break outs at this time. I have also purchased their Endo detox and the booster kit.

    Thoughts? Also, do you still think I need the 1 Minute Cure or MMS?

    • The more I find out about this, the more I realize how critical stacking the MMS or 1 Minute Cure cleanses with the Resolve Detox is. Remember, Resolve is a general viral detox and flushes whatever you have picked up over the years out, including herpes. Your immune system simply can’t handle everything that now courses through the system. This was brought home to me after putting my Mom on it…she went away during the cleanse and forgot her MMS, and had to stop the cleanse as there were some pretty heavy effects from it. With MMS she was fine though. Going forward, I now recommend stacking the cleanses to make sure you flush things out, and don’t simply circulate them around your body to settle elsewhere.

  7. Hello Daman, Im in day 1 of using the resolve detox. Where can i get the mms and 1 minute cure? do i need a doctors prescription to purchase it? should i use it simultaneously with the resolve herpes?

    • I can’t tell if this is legitimate or not…so, remember, this is an opinion, not medical advice. If you want that, go to a doctor. If you choose to take a clearing agent take either the 1 minute cure or mms, not both. And take whichever you choose at the same time as the resolve detox. Also, drink a lot of water.

    • HI eze. I would like to know about the resolve detox? is is real or fake? resolve detox cure 100% herpes? Please do let me know

      • It is a detox, whether is “works” or not depends on many factors…and regardless, herpes inject DNA into your cells, so it there. For me, it was a was a question of being contagious or not. And it worked. Tho I have to say I would not say I am cured.

  8. Hi Daman, thank you for the post. as one of other folks mentioned here it’s hard to know whose post is real and whose is not. Yours is encouraging. I was recently diagnosed with herpes type 2. about 2 months ago. the day I got the test result I was devastated. But decided to not to give up and fight with it. I came across Resolve Herpes and also Ozone therapy as cures for herpes. the online reviews for Resolve herpes defiantly not encouraging. But also when I talk to doctors who practice Ozone therapy, they say it won’t eliminates the virus from your body. So I’m tempted to give Resolve herpes a try. $300 will be way worth it if I have my health and normal life back. You mentioned you were going to redo the cleanse later again. Did you do that? Does it have any side affects (a part from clearing and all that)? Have you done blood test again? Thanks!

    • Hey Aries,

      No I haven’t done it again. I will soon,,,life just got busy, kids and house and all. The thing with herpes (and HPV, and Hep C, and others too) is that the virus actually injects it’s genetics into your cells DNA. And those cells are different after that. So, while I would say go for it (cuz the longer you wait, the more the virus spreads) I would not say it’ll be like it was before. And take ozone therapy, that will help during the cleanse. I got some nasty stuff out of my lungs from it…who knows what that was.

  9. Hi Daman,
    You finished first detox in 2012, so now, after 4 years can you finaly answer THE question “had herpes really left my body?”
    If so: How many tritments it took and would you still recommend them?

    • So, I guess I have to check this site more often. I have kids now, and all I do is keep it hosted. Anyway, no, at this point it has not left my body fully. I have only ever taken 1…and learned that I should have done things differently. Tho I did make good progress for a first run. I will do it again, and will update things at that time.

  10. this is bull shit. LIES!. and the commentators are all FAKE PPL to market your bullshit product.

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